About The Artist

Born Brantford, Ontario.  Studied Advertising Art/Design Mohawk College,
Hamilton.  First full-time job as a graphic artist and later Art Director for a
design/print firm in Paris, Ontario.  After moving to London, Ontario and putting
in a stint as a writer/producer at CBC affiliate CFPL-TV, Dennis returned to
painting.  He later opened and operated a gallery from 1987 to 1992 that
showcased paintings and sculpture of local and regional artists.  Lives in St.
Thomas since 2001.

Dennis is a multi-media artist who tends to work in series.  He has completed
a series of bold watercolour paintings that tried to capture the sensation of
movement of birds and animals.  “To accomplish this I used colours and
abstracted backgrounds, merged with the subject, of what I imagined to be the
aura of energy created by the moving bird or animal.”  That series comprises
over 200 paintings.

The artist is now applying a similar technique to capture the energy of music
performance and sport in his series of bold concert and baseball original

Dennis' other works include a series of simplified and stylized landscapes.  
Preferring to work from memory or field sketches, the elements in the scenes
are depicted as simple, pure shapes.

Kalichuk’s work also includes semi-abstacted sculptures from Brazilian
soapstone.  And in 1998 he began a series of art bikes built from a collection of
one-speed cruiser bicycles, mostly from the 30’s and 40’s.

iN 2011, Kalichuk created a number of custom painted "art guitars"
and released a CD of his original music, writing and
recording as Jumbo Train.